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Gradebook 2 - UI Overhaul and New Features


UCDavis has begun this effort by implementing a new tool that closely mimics the current tool's basic functionality (support for numeric grades including points and percentages) with some significant new functionality (extra credit items and categories, drop lowest grade item, grade item weighting, excuse individual grade record, etc.) and ease of use improvements and a more flexible and extensible UI strategy. This tool currently shares data model objects with the old tool, which should largely address compatibility issues with other existing tools that make use of the original Gradebook1 to aggregate grades.
At the moment, this new tool runs side-by-side with the existing Gradebook1 project on a Sakai instance, in order to facilitate pilot rollout of the new tool to a select number of sites.
This tool (gradebook2) has been largely developed against the 2.5.x Sakai build, but it is to some extent Sakai-version-agnostic, and with some minor patching of the appropriate data model objects, our intention is to provide a 2.6 branch in the near future, and to allow it to run in the 3.0 container as well.


Kirk Alexander
University of California, Davis
One Shields Ave
Davis, CA

Day, Time, Location

Thursday, 13:15 to 14:00 p.m., Molly Pitcher


Sakai Showcase

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