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CONTEXT (added 30 July, RKH): 

Reporting is currently associated with the portfolio tools and tasks, and faces challenges because the data is contained in completed forms as XML data in Resources.  Transferring that data to the institutional data warehouse or any external database poses problems of compatibility of design, load, authentication, and security.  Is it worth it?  For portfolios, used to capture long-term aspects of learning, the answer is probably "yes."

Let's ask that question of data collected from classroom teaching in general.  Do we want to ask questions of such data, for pedagogical purposes, that would justify recording it?  The answer many be "no."


See preliminary slides attached.  We will discuss the questions noted.

In a world of extensive data derived from taught courses and other sources, we could investigate many administrative questions such as:

  1. Do full professors really confer an advantage to their students?  (Querying student performance in follow-up courses)
  2. Are the jobs our students get related to their majors?  (Querying data submitted by graduates)

But what about helping to teacher?  Let's limit ourselves to facutly controlled-data.


 Student statistics, facts, demographics (in class itself, or more institutional)

Student artifacts

 Student evaluations

Student assessment records (grades and outcomes)

Curriculum Design

Prerequisite structure-- is it working?

Sequencing and Order of Contents

Data could be generated as educational research projects, where the course is conducted in different ways to test hypotheses.

Submission times wrt deadlines.

Student Circumstances and Needs

Improving teaching methods for special populations


Trouble in courses --> targeted guidance.

Student study habits

Timing, associates, methods, distractions.

What students are doing in other courses, and how well they're doing.

Results of previous courses (individually or in the aggregate). Portfolio forms would be a good source.  Pre-test for comparison with final test.

Previous students' online work.  Display to current students.  Does it help those current students achieve?

Compare outcomes across faculty, sections, TAs.  In a positive, voluntary, friendly setting.

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