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What is a SWOT?

SWOT is a strategic planning method used to evaluate a project's 

  • Strength's
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

Why Conduct a SWOT?

  • To assist in strategic planning
  • To help map resources and capabilities to competitive environment
  • To provide greater transparency around collective objectives

Session Findings and Resources

SWOT Analysis ppt

SWOT Analysis Findings

Sakai Functional Consultants

Sakai Technical Consultants

Sakai Performance Consultants

Sakai Marketing Consultants

Previous SWOT Analyses/Strategic Planning Activities

March 2008
In late March, a Sakai Communications and Outreach brainstorming session took place in the SF Bay Area.  Meeting attendees included Michael Korcuska, Lois Brooks, Mara Hancock and a handful of Sakai Commercial Affiliates. A SWOT Analysis was facilitated by Patty Sullivan of IBM. Results of this 4 hour exercise are uploaded as an attachment, here.

December 2007
At the 8th Sakai conference in Newport Beach, Michael Feldstein of Oracle led a quasi strategic planning session, entitled Some Ideas for the Future of Sakai. Results of that exercise are posted here

Relevant Links to Product Management/Product Roadmap Plans in the Sakai Community

Proposed Product Management Process-2008 

Sakai Product Roadmap

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1 Comment

  1. This is really useful information. I'm sorry I missed the actual session in Paris even though I was there.

    Reading through it & thinking about how valuable this information is to our strategic planning I thought it would be great to conduct a wider assessment. I committed to leading some community strategic planning activities in the very near future at the last board meeting. By the end of the month I'll have formulated a "plan to plan" that I'll be posting. I'd like to consider conducting this analysis via a community-wide survey. What do others think?