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  • Sakai Hackathon, Cambridge, UK, 5th - 11th July
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Sakai Hackathon

Hi everyone,
We're hoping to run a Sakai Hackathon after the main conference, in Cambridge, between the 5th and 11th of July. It may run for the entire week, or if people prefer, for just a few days
We'd like to find out how many of you are interested in attending, and what dates so we can find a large enough (or small enough!) room
If you plan to attend please add yourself to the table below


Email at xyz dot com

Dates you'd like to attend

Probability you'll actually come

Clay Fenlason


July 7-11


Carl Hall


July 7-11


Stuart Freeman


July 7-11


Peter Knoop


July 7-11


Harriet Truscott


July 7-11


Alexis O'Connor

alexis.oconnor at

2-3 days?


Matthew Buckett

matthew.buckett at

July 7-8


Nathan Pearson


July 7-10 (maybe 11)


Steven Githens


5 thru 11

87.3 %

Vincent van Rijn (still looking for accommodation!)

7 thru 11

80 %

Michelle D'Souza

michelle.dsouza at utoronto dot ca

July 7 - 11


Paulo Alves

palves at ipb dot pt

July 6-10


Michael Korcuska


July 7 - 8


Josh Holtzman

jholtzman at

July 7-8


Mara Hancock

mara at

July 7


Getting from Paris to Cambridge

You can fly from Paris to London and then take the coach or train from the airport, but this is not recommended.

The best way to travel would be to book the Eurostar train from Paris to London St Pancras International station. When you arrive at St Pancras station, follow signs to Kings Cross station (i.e. the domestic station next door) and take the Cambridge Cruiser, which takes 45 mins non-stop to Cambridge. You can buy a ticket to Cambridge just before you travel, but your Eurostar ticket will need to be booked in advance.

* Accommodation cannot be guaranteed by CARET, but if you add your email address, CARET can give you some pointers.

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  1. Any updates? What are you guys up to over there?

    1. I think we wanted to come to the end of the week and then take a look back at what's been accomplished, but here's a preview:

      • The thing that took the most time, of course, was getting people set up with initial Sakai builds and a "Hello World" widget. That was basically Monday.
      • Most of the "standalone" portions of Nathan's designs to date have now been implemented as working code. If you see commits going to contrib/ux, that's what that's about. I expect there will be a demo of some sort available later this week or next.
      • With Michelle's help, keyboard accessibility is being finished up today (Thursday) along with i18n.
      • This has all been done with Nico on vacation for the last two days (smile)
      • Some further talk about K1, and brainstorming about what social networking might mean in academic contexts