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Sakai in The Netherlands: One Year in the Making

Speaker(s): Wytze Koopal

Session Abstract

The Sakai Special Interest Group (SIG) in The Netherlands was founded in August 2006. From that moment on we have seen a serious gain of interest in The Netherlands for Sakai. In this presentation we will share some successes and lessons learned. The audience was asked to share their tips on how to make Sakai and the Sakai SIG a success within The Netherlands and Europe.

Presentation Materials

powerpoint presentation


Am i being recorded? (smile)


I asked for tips to move forward in year two of the Sakai SIG NL (and how to move forward in Europe).
These were the tips and tricks offered:
1/ Focus on European needs in current tools (e.g. Assignments).
2/ Promote Sakai as the toolset that logically (and seamlessly) connects research and education for the enduser in Higher Ed. Current VLE's do not work on this.
3/ Enhance Sakai for lifelong learning. There are several initiatives within Europe that working on creating tools and toolsets for this area. Current (commercial) VLE's don't focus on this.
4/ Focus on the 'long tail': very specific tools for very specifice target groups. But let these tools function within the Sakai framework.
5/ Work on Tool Interoperability specification. Current VLE's don't really have an interest in this.

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