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  • Picking A Bouquet From A Thousand Flowers
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Picking A Bouquet From A Thousand Flowers

Speaker(s): Karen Miles

Session Abstract

With the culture of letting "a thousand flowers bloom," institutions adopting Sakai are faced with the overwhelming task of choosing which tools to include in their local implementation. Learn from UC Berkeley, where the implementation team formed a council to evaluate enhancements and determine a plan for piloting non-core tools.

Presentation Materials

  • High Level Ideas
    • Sakai 2.4 has more than 30 tools out of the box
    • UC Berkeley created a council to review new tool options; the council represents different parties and views
    • UC Berkeley is using a rubric to evaluate new tools and inform our decision
    • After the tool evaluation, we will decide which tools to reveal to users for the next Sakai release; some will be as a pilot (limited number of users) and some will be on a trial basis (use at will, knowing there may be bugs)

Full presentation

The training & support team focuses on a series of activities in a particular tool and scores the user experience individually.

Taking the experience and scores in the evaluation, the team comes together and discusses the benefits and risks. We then fill out the rubric.

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