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LAMS V2 and Sakai

Speaker(s): James Dalziel, Professor of Learning Technology & Director, Macquarie E-Learning Centre Of Excellence (MELCOE), Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

Session Abstract

This presentation provides an overview of LAMS V2, the new release of the LAMS learning design system. It discusses pedagogical and technical dimensions of LAMS V2, including integration with Sakai. It also covers the related development of RAMS, and eResearch collaborative workflow system based on LAMS V2.

Presentation Materials

  • The presentation was given virtually. There are zipped files in the attachment area that contain slides + audio for this presentation in 3 parts.


  • See audio in attachments.

Additional Information

  • The Q&A for this session was conducted via Skype chat - for a record, see below:

29:02 PM aeaglek says: James, where was the pedagogical advice coming from?
29:27 PM James Dalziel says: A series of webpages addressing different issues - for an example - see the LearningMapR animation (Google it)
30:14 PM aeaglek says: Will LAMS support levels 2 and 3 of the learning design specifications?
30:52 PM James Dalziel says: Level B and C still have problems with them (in our view), so we may not until the specification gets revised - on the other hand, if some spec experts can show us how to support it, then great!
31:59 PM aeaglek says: Goals are part of level C, would these be supported by LAMS?
32:47 PM James Dalziel says: Possibly - but we'd need to see what this means in terms of "actionable" tool behaviours (rather than simply text statements - you could do these today)
33:02 PM James Dalziel says: I found the LearningMapR animation - see
34:24 PM aeaglek says: There is a button called export portfolio, what does this do in practice? Andwhat sort of assets or linking do you intend to do with the portfolio?
34:54 PM aeaglek says: Where did you get the idea to use a flowchart design for the application?
34:58 PM James Dalziel says: Export Portfolio exports a zip file with a static HTML record of all the activities you've done, including what you saw of others (eg, Forum records)
35:37 PM aeaglek says: Why use a flowchart design for this application? Not as a critcism, but as a comment of interest
35:40 PM James Dalziel says: Export portfolio includes any resources that were part of the sequence - eg, images, docs - they are bundled in the zip file. If you don't want to do this, you can use URLs to point to resources elsewhere
36:15 PM James Dalziel says: The flowchart came from simple instructional design mockups on paper, as well as my experience of tools like Authorware - but applying it to colalborative activities was the new aspect
36:16 PM aeaglek says: Does this comply with IMS e-Portfolio standard?
37:29 PM James Dalziel says: Export Portfolio is not a portfolio per se -rather we see it as the raw material to go into a portfolio for further reflection, etc. The main standard I desperately want for this is a machine interface so LAMS can ship this file automatically to portfolio software - I'm still waiting to hear from OSP on what this interface would look like (wink)
38:10 PM aeaglek says: Thanks for your presentation
38:12 PM aeaglek says: ::clap clap::
38:23 PM James Dalziel says: My pleasure - sorry I couldn't be there - have a great conference!

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