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Background Lead by the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre at the University of Toronto, the Fluid Project is a collaboration among the University of Toronto, UC Berkeley, Cambridge, the University of British Columbia, York University, and others. The project addresses the challenges shared by community source projects in creating user interfaces which take into account usability, design, accessibility, and internationalization concerns throughout the development process.

The Fluid project will develop presentation technologies and community processes to support the design, development, and testing of inclusive user interface components. These flexible UI designs will be shared and implemented across community source applications including Sakai, uPortal, Moodle, and Kuali Student.

The Fluid architecture will enable the creation and reuse of well-designed and easily configurable accessible AJAX components. The core framework will extend existing presentation frameworks such as RSF to ensure that UI components are loosely-coupled from application logic, easy to use, and adaptable to individual and institutional needs. The Fluid Project will also develop shared standards for creating skins and site-wide customizations which can work across applications, simplifying the process of institutional branding and customization. The framework will be driven by the design and sharing of exemplary user interface components.

Join us at the Fluid Project BOF to learn more about our project plan and to share your comments, questions, and feedback. For more information about the Fluid project go to:

Where and When
The Fluid BOF will take place Friday, June 15, 2007 in the Zurich 2 room at the conference hotel from 9AM to 4PM.

Jutta Treviranus, Director
Colin Clark, Technical Lead
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto

Daphne Ogle, Design Lead
University of California at Berkeley

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