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  • Enterprise Integration and CM Implementation BOF
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If you're interested in learning more about Sakai's enterprise integration options, or sharing your experiences in this area, please join us.

14:00 on Thursday in the Geneva room.

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  1. I've added some old slides from Vancouver...

    Please note that Sakai 2.4 has alleviated some of my criticism (like removing unused methods from the Group Provider API), but most of it still stands, I guess...

    Read it as an inspiration - I'll walk through them at the BOF if there is enough interest.

    1. You're welcome to email me with questions (about the slides, for instance).

      But I'm unfortunately not able to attend this BOF ...

      BTW, no - our code is not in contrib (yet) - maybe after my updates to 2.4, but it hasn't really been written with an eye for reusability.