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GroupEmail addressWeb AccessDescription
Apereo Announcementsannouncements@apereo.org!forum/announcementsThis groups is for public announcements and news from the Apereo Foundation.
Apereo Open Forumopen@apereo.org!forum/openAny discussion. Watercooler, open discussions on strategy, future thinking, project announcements, job postings, etc.
Sakai Open Forumsakai-openforum@apereo.org!forum/sakai-openforumAny discussion items that don't fit anywhere else, or any general conversation, goes here.
Sakai Developerssakai-dev@apereo.org!forum/sakai-devOur largest and most active group. Intended for technical and software development discussions
Sakai Productionsakai-production@apereo.org!forum/sakai-productionFor Sakai technical administration discussions, system admins and DBAs.
Sakai Userssakai-user@apereo.org!forum/sakai-userFor users of the system including teaching, learning, research and more. Tends to focus on functional aspects of using Sakai.
Apereo Teaching and LearningapereoTL@apereo.org!forum/apereoTLApereo Teaching and Learning group. Emerging from the Sakai Teaching and Learning group as we recognize the value of sharing needs and how Apereo technologies can address them, as well as looking at the larger landscape of educational technology.
Sakai QAsakai-qa@apereo.org!forum/sakai-qaFor our QA testing community. Often emails sent to the QA testing community are also sent to the Development list, sakai-dev.
Sakai Help Documentationsakai-docs@apereo.org!forum/sakai-docsThis group works on keeping the Sakai online help documentation up to date.
Sakai Core Teamsakai-core@apereo.org!forum/sakai-coreThe Sakai core team. This is the main group of "doers" in the Sakai Community. Developers who actively contribute code to Sakai. QA testers sometimes join in to ask questions of the Core team. The group is open to all.
Sakai PMC (Project Management Committee)sakai-pmc@apereo.org!forum/sakai-pmcThe email list for the Sakai Project Management Committee. Oversight and planning group for the project.
Sakai Spanish Communitysakai-spanish@apereo.org!forum/sakai-spanishAn email group for our Spanish speaking community.
Apereo Licensing Grouplicensing-discuss@apereo.org!forum/licensing-discussA public group for discussing licensing issues and answering questions about licensing.
Apereo Licensing Technical

Private. For the latest on submitted licensing agreements see :

This is the email used for submitting licensing agreements to Apereo.
Apereo Portfolio Groupportfolio@apereo.org!forum/portfolioThis is no longer a Sakai-specific group, though there is still a strong relationship. It is focused on ePortfolios and in particular the Karuta project.
Sakai UXsakai-ux@apereo.org!forum/sakai-uxDiscussion list for user experience and usability testing, research, and related activities.


Archives from the old email lists are at

Sakai Coordinator

To contact the Sakai Community Coordinator email .

To subscribe or unsubscribe to email groups

Send an email to the relevant email address by adding "+subscribe" or "+unsubscribe" to the email address. For example, sending an email to will subscribe you to the email list.

Google Apps Institutions

  • If you are part of an institution that uses Google Apps, and your institutional settings do not allow you to post via the web forum, you should be able to send email to the list, just not post via the web. 
  • In some cases, your institutional settings may not allow you to subscribe using the email method nor using the web. In this case, please email the list owner to subscribe using the formula (list)  For example, email and ask to subscribe.

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