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We had a videographer record "talking head" interviews at the Sakai09 conference in Boston, July 2009. This interview footage needs to be edited and then posted on a server.









Get volunteers for editing






Edit the raw footage to put onto DVDs for distribution




19 DVDs


Mail out the DVDs

collecting mailing addresses


Decide on a #format.




We should have a conference call discussion to discuss the details - go to to choose a day/time from Wed-Fri Aug 19-21


Decide where to #host




We have a Sakai account on Vimeo, so we could all upload the finished segments to that account.


Transcribe best quotes for use in other contexts




Michael Korcuska had requested: "Can we (you) pull together some quotes from end users about Sakai. I"







Information about the interview footage

The shooting schedule with questions, interviewee info, etc. is here

Segment Format

  • Question being answered displayed on title frame?
    • Looking at a list of title frames, viewer should be able to select which video to watch
  • Bumper with credits at end?
  • Record meta data -
    • name of interviewee,
    • what is his/her institution,
    • what is his/her position/role,
    • question asked,
    • key terms from response for indexing


Conference Call Agenda

Call will go from 12:30-1:30pm Pacific Time on Thursday, Aug. 20
Voting on date and time was on

Sakai Conference Bridge 003 -

  • Telephone: +1 812 856 7060
  • Internet:

Meeting Sign-in Information (via telephone or Internet):

  • Conference Code: 386#
  • PIN: 72524#
  1. export format
  2. segment length
  3. file naming conventions
  4. segment template? (trailer bumper, credits, Sakai logo, etc.)
  5. metadata

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  1. Regarding choosing a format, what is the source resolution? Thanks, L

    1. QuickTime Movie Inspector reports: DV, 720 x 480 (640 x 480), Millions 16-bit Integer (Little Endian), Mono, 47.999 kHz FPS:29.97

      1. So then my suggestion would be final export to 640x480 MP4 (H.264) which we could upload to YouTube or Vimeo. L

  2. Any ideas on how long each finished piece should ideally be?  Perhaps we would want to select out individual short bites and then group them based on topics (assuming there are general topics addressed in the interviews). Who is the audience for these videos?

    1. +1 on the shorter focused sound bites that could be combined together in a variety of ways for different purposes. I think the main audience is prospective adopters looking for peer endorsements.

    2. Since I have not seen the content it is hard to say, but I could imagine a table on this page where we could assign out segments to volunteers. The primary goal should be avoiding duplication of effort, right? Thanks, L (smile)

  3. How are we breaking up the workload? I have a Sakai animated logo and FCP template to share at:

    1. Nice video logo Mick. Would you be able to add the ® to the final frame since we now have official trademark registration in the US and Community Trade Mark registration in Europe.

      see: for examples.

      1. No problem on the adding credits, trademark, etc to template. As per interviewer instructions, are we removing their questions/prompts? Having trouble accessing shooting schedule and interviewee info at google docs.

        1. We should remove the interviewer prompts and comments. I've added everyone's email to the interview schedule doc. so you should all be able to access that (ping me if anyone still has a problem)

          1. How do you want to name the interviews? Author_subject.mp4? I've updated the logo, with trademark, and updated the FCP template and logo sample at:


          2. What about metadata?

  4. Also for agenda:

    Expectations for finishing the editing work. We are at the start-up of the fall semester, so I probably won't have to much time to devote to this for a few weeks. Thanks.

  5. Last I knew the Vimeo login information was under Peter Knoop's email address. Not sure if that needs to be resolved. L

    1. Michael changed it to my address: hartsook at sakaifoundation dot org. We can all use that to upload the files and I'll be responsible for monitoring the site and any admin work.

  6. I've uploaded a video to the Vimeo site. Take a look and see if it meets our specs.  It is titled Sakai at Cerritos Community College