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  • 2010-02-03 Short Term Communications Projects To Do List
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Sakai Comm projects - ToDo priorities (discussion between Pieter and MK

2.6.2 2.5.5 Release
    * draft announcement (today)
    * check to verify all docs are in place
    * send out announcements to announcements, sakai-dev, blog post, News announcement, Twitter

    * keynote speaker list confluence post (done on meeting notes) survey monkey: (set up account 3 votes)
    * create alias
    * send email to mail lists and ConferencePlanning
    * selection of 2 additional SWAG (add to menu)
    * add $500 u-supply we stuff item (prior approval required
    * sponsor cover letter
    * send packet to SCAs
    * Conference Logo choice

    * -add TWSIA call for entries to conf website (done)
    * add TWSIA info to conf website sidebar
    * keep debugging conf reg website
    * promotions to get entries

    * debug auto email post (Chuck adding send html module today?)
    * 3 panel front page (done)
    * deployment data (top of list for Chuck today)
    * direct link from event to conference website (Nate working on this)
    * check google analytics to see where links to conference site
    * more videos
    * marquee for logos

Hot Topics post
    * [DG: User Experience] Learning Activities Investigation: Hello Members of the T&L and UX communities conducted 30 interviews
    * [WG: Sakai QA] JIRA cleanup and stagnant issues? - We have a plan for going through JIRA which I guess needs to be communicated out to the rest of
    * Release Management Calendar (2.7, 2.6., 2.5 events)? - My concern in shortening the timeline at the outset is that we face a variety of unknowns at
    * uxframework developments
    * Featured Sakai School - small school, profile, what you're using it for , quote (MK offers to help) Target get out a Feb. Hot Topics list.

    * Ask Sakai
    * sort and compile FAQ
    * new to sakai FAQ needs work-

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