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Sakai Best practices


This presentation discusses a range of best practices for developing with Sakai.
The presentation is targeted at developers and system administrators and is also of interest for an audience which wants to know more about the practices that the community follows.
The presentation includes an introduction to the most effective approaches to use of the issue tracking/bug reporting system (Sakai JIRA). We will present the tools of the trade including Eclipse, Maven, and the various community servers (Confluence, SVN, etc.).
There will be an in depth discussion on coding best practices. Finally we will consider what can be learnt from the Sakai 3 development process.


Alan Berg (Universeit van Amsterdam) and Aaron Zeckoski (Unicon)

About Presenters

Alan Berg Bsc. MSc. PGCE, has been a lead developer at the Central Computer Services at the Universiteit van Amsterdam for more than a millennium. In his famously scarce spare time, he writes computer articles (

). Alan has a degree, two masters, and a teaching qualification. In previous incarnations, he was a technical writer, an Internet/Linux course writer ok a product line development officer, and a teacher. He likes to get his hands dirty with the building and gluing of systems. He remains agile by playing computer games with his kids who sadly consistently beat him physically, mentally and morally. Did I mention the physical beatings; those eight and twelve year olds are so tough.

Aaron Zeckoski is a software engineer and open source software developer. He is internationally recognized for his expertise in the Sakai open source collaborative learning environment. His nine years of experience include work both as part of a university team and as an independent consultant. An experienced systems architect, Aaron has demonstrated his programming expertise in all aspects of web application development; he is a major contributor to projects such as the Sakai CLE, DSpace 2 repository, and Opencast Matterhorn. He is also experienced and interested in technical documentation, development of tools for programmers, and developer training. He is an active member of the Sakai, Opencast, and DSpace developer communities. In his spare time, he dabbles in PHP and Python and is an advocate of ReST and open source. He seeks challenging work involving web applications and service oriented architectures.

Presentation Materials


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