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  • Regional Sakai Conference in Atlanta, GA - Spring 2011
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Theme: Teaching and Learning

Conference Organizers

Georgia Tech (personified by Clay Fenlason) has offered to host a regional conference in spring 2011. Institutions/organizers include Johns Hopkins University (Rob Coyle), Marist College (Josh Baron), Virginia Tech (John Moore), University of North Carolina (Kim Eke), University of Virginia (Trisha Gordon and Janet Belew), University of Florida (Douglas Johnson), Hallway Technologies (Carl Hall), University of Delaware (Mathieu Plourde), Seminole State College (Wilma Hodges)

Next organization meeting:  TBA in October 2010 (and via email/confluence in the meantime)

Tinyurl to this page:

Next Conference Call: Being scheduled (target = w/o 8 Nov.)

Telephone: +1 812 856 7060

Conference Code: 22350#

PIN: 72524#

Archived live notes:

11-18-2010 live notes

Proposed Topics

"Un-Conference?" Limited planned presentations; maximum free time for spontaneous meetings and discussions.

                - Users who want to present sign up for presentation spaces and times

  • Teaching and Learning
    • From a user's perspective (faculty and students)
    • Distance Learning
    • Instructional design and pedagogy
  • Adopting Sakai
  • Sakai OAE (future directions for Sakai)
  • Opportunities for collaboration meetings
  • Documentation

Proposed Timeline

  • Presentation proposal deadline: January 15
  • Conference timeframe: between mid-April and mid-May (no later than mid-May; earlier is probably better for most of us) 

Important to synchronize timelines with Berlin conference (13-16/17 June) so as not to create conflicts.

Relevant Holidays

  • 30 May - Memorial Day

Planning issues

Proposal review - 

Proposal acceptance - 

Lodging -

Conference venue - 

Presentation scheduling -

Conference structure/organization - (e.g. focus on presentation sessions, networking/discussion opportunities, social events, etc.)  

Keynote? - 

Meals/refreshments -

Other conference activities (e.g. sponsored recreation)? - 

Wrap-up session/speaker? - 

Next Steps

1. Clay will continue to investigate venue and other host-related issues at Georgia Tech.

2. Mathieu will lead the development of a conference description and format for proposals looking toward a hybrid conference/un-conference mode.

3. Next call in appx. 2 weeks (look for forthcoming Doodle poll)

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