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  • Herding Cats, Sakai and External Applications at the University of Virginia
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The University of Virginia decided to adopt Sakai (known at UVa as UVaCollab) after an extended review of options by a faculty advisory committee. A major factor in the decision was Sakai's ability to integrate external tools through its Link Tool feature which was demonstrated to the committee by integrating an instance of Moodle into Sakai. Therefore, while rolling out a production version of Sakai, a team of us have continued to explore policy, pedagogy, and technical issues regarding the integration of external tools into UVaCollab. In this presentation we discuss the reasoning behind the decision UVa made to support external tools via Sakai's Link Tool, the consequences of that decision as we have experienced them over the last year of production, and future plans at UVa to mitigate the problems as well as improve the tools we are using to support external tools.

Yitna Firdyiwek:
Michael Redwine: