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Roadmap for 2.4

Now that the Course Management Service has been implemented, the CM WG has decided to break down the project into CM-related tool design and development mostly localized at Stanford and UC-Berkeley. Here is the breakdown of the project as decided on Oct 3. These links take you to the respective project:

2.2-2.3 Progress

Needs to be updated!

  • February-April






    team formation




    project definition




    user research




    requirements gathering




    1st round API and service design completed




    1st round Hibernate Impl complete




    1st round LMSMappingService complete




    1st round UI design documents completed



  • May
    • 2.2 code freeze May 1
    • begin 2-3 wk development and design iterations
  • June
    • June 1 release (hypothesized)
    • initial API and service implemented
    • Beta version of LMSMappingService
    • Gradebook tool connected as pilot CM client application
  • July-August
    • continue development and design iterations to build full CM service and admin tool(s)
  • September
    • final CM service and admin tool(s) to support:
      • automatic and manual course site creation
      • support for complex course structures including cross-listed courses and courses with sections
  • Oct/Nov
    • QA
    • pilot
  • Dec - Production Ready - in 2.? release
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