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Welcome to the richest part of the Course Management web space. Here you will find all of the nitty-gritty details about the project.

  1. Overview - Project goals and problem statement
    1. Definitions - What we are calling things so we have a common language
    2. Domain Description - The general area this project aims to influence
    3. History of Sakai work on CM
  2. Research
    1. Course and Site Structure Patterns
    2. Institutional Data Mappings
    3. User Research
      1. User Research Tools
      2. Artifacts
      3. Persona Scales
      4. Sources - Details about where/when research was conducted
  3. Requirements
    1. Legacy Sakai Functionality
    2. Current Release Requirements
    3. Planned Release Requirements
    4. Past Release Requirements (v.1, v.2, ...)
  4. Design
    1. Architecture
    2. Course Management API
    3. User Interface and Functionality Specification
      1. Personas
      2. Context Scenarios
      3. UI Framework
  5. Comparison with the legacy CM Provider
    1. Obtaining
    2. Building
    3. Code Documentation (UML, Javadoc, etc.)
      1. Course Management API
      2. Course­site­admin
    4. Configuring Sakai 2.3 to use CM for enterprise integration

Community Reviewer Feedback

Thanks in advance for your feedback! Currently we could really use comments and suggestions on following documents:

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