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Course Management Project

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Roadmap (warning) now includes 2.4 plans

Project Description

The Course Management Working Group's focus is two-fold: 1) understand and (re)design for users of Sakai's course management-related tools, and 2) build a new framework for integrating institutional course data with Sakai. We are conducting necessary research to understand both the users within the course management domain and the enterprise data views of "course information". The results of this research drives our designs for how higher-educational institutions conceptualize and use their own data. A course management abstraction that matches real user data will empower Sakai to support the course models of the educational world which, for some instituions, is necessary in order to effectively integrate Sakai at their instituion. Our effort will result in an improved user experience, extended course site managament capabilities and a programming abstraction to accommodate institutional data. More...


Request for feedback
It was great to meet many of you for the first time face:face at the conference! For those of you we did not meet or might not yet on our distribution list, we would love it if you would subscribe to We want to solicit more feedback from the community on the technical and UI design for the CM project as well as to see if there is anyone willing and able to commit significant development and/or UI resources.…

Next Meeting
April 3, 2007
1pm PDT
2007-04-03 Agenda and NotesAgenda

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