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CLE Mobile - Timeline


Tasks (Goals)

25th April – 22rd May

  • Preparing some mock-ups for the app to be developed
  • Finalizing the technologies to be used with mentor and the community
  • Finalizing the deliverables  with community
  • Report - 01 to Sakai GSoC blog

23rd May - 29th May

  • Creating the initial phoneGap app structure
  • Finishing UIs  (might need to add some more later)
  • Initial steps towards EntityBroker
  • Report - 02

30th May – 19th June

  • Trying to connect to few selected tools in EntityBroker and integrating with data feeds (JSONP)
  • Report - 03

20th June - 3rd July

  • Finishing the work of last time period

4th July - 15th July

  • Preparing for mid evaluation
  • Get the feedback from community
  • Submit work for mid evaluation
  • Report - 04

16th July – 30th July

  • Add remaining tool support and newly added tool support for the app
  • Discuss with the community about any places to be improved or changed
  • Report - 05

31st July – 15th August

(If I will be able to finish all tool support as per the schedule at this point I would like use remaining time to do the following)* Discuss the possibility of adding QUnit tests for the code

  • Have a look in to QUnit and write some tests to cover the code

16th August – 26th August

  • Code clean up
  • Documentation
  • Other deliverables, discussed at the very beginning
  • Submit the work for final evaluation
  • Report - 06