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CLE Mobile - Requirements


A user should be able to enter their username and password into the app and have it stored securely. This should be modular. If Sakai ever supports OAuth, this should be able to be swapped out for an OAuth module.

Site list

When the app loads, and assuming credentials are ok, the user should be able to navigate a list of sites that they are in. This could perhaps also tie in with the user Preferences in Sakai so that the sites are ordered according to their preferences and the ones not visible in the tabs should be at the bottom of the list.

Dashboard features could tie in here (new forums posts, announcements etc)


A user should be able to select a site and then the app load a dhasboard page, This is like the synoptic page and shows, at a glance the number of unread forum posts, new announcements etc. A user can then drill into those to go straight to the new content.

Tool list

A user should also be able to view the list of tools in a site and select one.

Custom tool UI

Each tool will need to have a simplified UI created that uses and parses the data from EntityProvider to render the view. Initially this could just be lists of data that you can drill into to get more info, and then navigate back up the tree.

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