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Lead(s): Frédéric AgnèsMiguel PellicerJulien Filliard

Developer (s): Francisco Saez

Summary offers solutions to analyse digital documents in order to prevent plagiarism on the Internet and to monitor intellectual and industrial property.


Instructor options:

Assignment setup:

  • Be able to create assignments where Compilatio will check submissions for plagiarism.
  • Understand which documents can be analysed or not.

Viewing results / Reviewing & grading assignments

  • See a summary of the plagiarism checks of an assignment’s submissions
  • Be able to see the plagiarism rate of a submission when I am grading it.
  • Be able to see a plagiarism report of a submission when I am grading it.
  • Be informed of the reasons why Compilatio was not able to analyze a file.

Student options:

  • Be informed that my submission may be checked for plagiarism.
  • See the plagiarism report of my submission if my teacher allowed it.


Compilatio is available since Sakai 11 installing the content review implementation (Check the installation instructions).

For Sakai 12 and above, it's included by default, only requires configuration.  SAK-31949 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Installation instructions

Installing the software (Steps for Sakai 11.x only, this comes by default in Sakai 12).

  • If your Sakai version is prior to 11.3, patch your Sakai instance with this changes : 
  • Update traductions files:
    • assignment-bundles/target/classes/ = {0} is not available for non-electronic submissions. "Use Compilatio" has been deselected below.
    • assignment-bundles/resources/ = {0} is not available for non-electronic submissions. "Use Compilatio" has been deselected below.
  • Compile and deploy : mvn clean install sakai:deploy in assignment folder :
     cd assignment
     mvn clean install sakai:deploy

  • Clone this project :
  • Replacecontentreview-impl in tomcat/webapps/sakai/content-review folder, 
  • Compile et deploy the the contentreview-impl in tomcat/webapps/sakai/content-review:
     cd contentreview-impl
     mvn clean install sakai:deploy


  • Enable the compilatio integration in the content-review module (Sakai source).
    • Open this file content-review/contentreview-federated/pack/src/webapp/WEB-INF/components.xml
    • Uncomment this line <ref bean="org.sakaiproject.contentreview.service.ContentReviewServiceCompilatio"/> to enable the Compilatio content review implementation
  • Compile content-review module : 
     cd content-review
     mvn clean install
  • Set up the correct sakai properties

    • assignment.useContentReview=true
    • compilatio.secretKey=CLIENT_KEY

    • contentreview.enabledProviders=Compilatio
    • Optional

      • compilatio.proxyHost=PROXY_HOST
      • compilatio.proxyPort=PROXY_PORT
      • compilatio.apiURL=
      • compilatio.accept.all.files=false
      • compilatio.acceptable.mime.types=application/msword,application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document,application/excel,application/,application/x-excel,application/x-msexcel,application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet,application/mspowerpoint,application/powerpoint,application/,application/x-mspowerpoint,application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation,application/mspowerpoint,application/,application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.slideshow,application/pdf,application/postscript,application/postscript,text/plain,text/html,text/html,application/wordperfect,application/x-wpwin,application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text,text/rtf,application/rtf,application/x-rtf,text/richtext
      • compilatio.acceptable.file.extensions=.doc,.docx,.xls,.xls,.xls,.xls,.xlsx,.ppt,.ppt,.ppt,.ppt,.pptx,.pps,.pps,.ppsx,.pdf,.ps,.eps,.txt,.html,.htm,.wpd,.wpd,.odt,.rtf,.rtf,.rtf,.rtf
      • compilatio.acceptable.file.types=ACCEPTABLE_FILE_TYPES
      • compilatio.filename.max.length=-1
      • compilatio.networkTimeout=180000

If everything above is done, you should be able to start Sakai and then configure jobscheduler in Sakai as follow : 


  • Set up queue jobs/Quartz jobs : You will have to run jobs manually unless they're set up to auto-run.

    • Login as admin into sakai, and click on Job Scheduler in the left menu, you may need to add the jobscheduler tool to your admin workspace
    • In the jobscheduler tool click on "new job"
    • Select "Process Content Review Queue" from the dropdown list
    • Give it a name in the text box (can be anything)
    • click post
    • select the triggers link next to the job you just created
    • Create a new trigger. We sugest you set the job to run at five minutes intervals which can be done with the following definition
      00/5* * * ?
    • repeat these steps to create a job and trigger for the reports process "Process Content Review Reports"


  • If you want to use Compilatio icons

    • Replace Plagiarism analysis status images in the following folder by the ones above:
    • Replace Plagiarism analysis loader in the following folder by the one above as follow:
      • Add Loader in the following folder : 
      •  tomcat/webapp/library/skin/images/ajax_loader_blue_16.gif
      • Update following file : webapps/sakai-assignment-tool/vm/assignment/chef_assignments_instructor_list_submissions.vm:714
         <img src="/library/skin/images/ajax_loader_blue_16.gif" alt="$reviewResult.getReviewError()" title="$reviewResult.getReviewError()">

Implementation sites


Sakai Version



HEC Montréal















Use GitHub issues or contact the project leads.




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