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Calendar Summary


Calendar Summary is a synoptic tool for Sakai that presents a visual summary monthly/weekly view of schedule events in the Home page of My Workspace or other course/project site.
If placed on My Workspace sites, it aggregates schedule events of all published sites the user is member of (except if user is admin).
If placed on course/project sites, it presents only events of that site.

Feel free to send suggestions to or by using the Calendar Summary JIRA section.


Configuring the tool

This tool can be configured just like the other synoptic tools ('Recent announcements', 'Recent discussion' and 'Recent Chat'):

  • editing the appropriate site template (!user for My Workspace sites) - all new sites of this type will have the configuration specified here;*
  • editing the site using the Sites tool in admin My Workspace;
  • using the Sakai API

(star) Note: !worksite template is not used anymore so, in order to place the tool under the default Home page created for Course/Project sites, the file must be custom patched

The Home page configuration changes as shown in screenshots are:

  • Double Column Layout
  • Calendar Summary tool with Layout hints: 0,1

Customizing the tool appearance

The calendar appearance can be customized editing the CSS file on the sakai source:

  • {sakai_source_folder}/calendar-summary-tool/tool/src/webapp/summary-calendar/css/cal.css

(star) Note: background color defined in the style for a day with activity (.calDayWithActivity) can be overridden by default values or user-defined preferences (see below) [Sakai 2.4 or higher only].

Changes will be applied after redeploying the tool.

Default values

[Sakai 2.4 or higher only] Default values can be specified in

Example configuration:

# Calendar view (week or month)
# Default: month
calendarSummary.viewMode = week

# Calendar day background color (as hexadecimal value).
# Default: background-color in tool CSS (.calDayWithActivity) for all priorities
calendarSummary.highPriorityColor = #FF0000
calendarSummary.mediumPriorityColor = #00FF00
calendarSummary.lowPriorityColor = #0000FF

# Define priorities for calendar events
# Default: all events as low priority
# Note: no need to specify all events, neither all priorities (high, medium, low)
calendarSummary.highPriorityEvents.1 = Deadline
calendarSummary.highPriorityEvents.2 = Exam
calendarSummary.mediumPriorityEvents.1 = Web Assignment
# All calendar events not specified in high and medium priority lists are treated as low priority. So, there is no need to specify low priority events
# calendarSummary.lowPriorityEvents.count=1
# calendarSummary.lowPriorityEvents.1 = Activity

Configuration processing order

Tool display configuration is processed in the following order:

  1. If user configured options exist (in tool Options menu), use these
  2. If (1) are not set, use default options specified in (as above)
  3. If (1) and (2) are not set, use the following defaults:
    1. Calendar view: month
    2. Calendar events priorities: all as low priority
    3. Calendar day background color: the background-color CSS property specified in tool's CSS

Available events

The following list reflects current Schedule tool events:

  • Academic Calendar
  • Activity
  • Cancellation
  • Class section - Discussion
  • Class section - Lab
  • Class section - Lecture
  • Class section - Small Group
  • Class session
  • Computer Session
  • Deadline
  • Exam
  • Meeting
  • Multidisciplinary Conference
  • Quiz
  • Special event
  • Web Assignment


For Sakai 2.2.x or higher, tool is already installed.
For Sakai 2.1.x, source can be checked out from the UFP contrib space as well as a prepared zip file (fewer features).

Bug report

Bug reports and feature requests can be submitted to the Calendar Summary JIRA section.

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