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1 Main enterprise calendar events shall be visible in Sakai My Workspace

A user may have many calendars within the enterprise calendar system. One calendar will be the primary calendar for Sakai to use to show events on the My Workspace tab.

By default, Sakai refers to this calendar as "main."

Open Questions

Optionally, My Workspace could display an aggregate of all the user's enterprise calendars. We still need to choose a primary calendar for adding new events.

2 A calendar owner shall be able to update events in Sakai, and the updates will propagate to the enterprise calendar

Open Questions

A Sakai site can have multiple maintainers, but CalDAV considers a calendar to have one owner. Does this mean that a Sakai user who is a site maintainer, but not the owner of the calendar should act as the calendar owner behind-the-scenes for the purposes of editing the calendar? A consequence of the one-calendar-owner policy is that even if a maintainer who is not the owner can act as the owner to update the calendar, that maintainer will not see the calendar among her enterprise calendars.

Will a Sakai user who is a site user, but not a maintainer also act as the calendar owner behind-the-scenes for the purpose of viewing the calendar?

3 A calendar owner shall be able to delete events in Sakai, and the deletes will propagate to the enterprise calendar

4 A calendar owner shall be able to add events in Sakai, and the events will propagate to the enterprise calendar

Open Questions

There may not be a perfect match between data available in Sakai's calendar and the enterprise calendar. e.g., Zimbra doesn't have a field for Event Type the way Sakai does. Should these fields be unavailable in Sakai, or should they be coerced into the enterprise calendar in some way?

5 Enterprise calendars shall be created per-worksite if they don't already exist

If an instructor creates a new course worksite, the system will look for an enterprise calendar under the instructor's calendars with the same name as the worksite. If the calendar does not exist, it will be create in the enterprise calendar system and will be available to Sakai immediately.

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  1. I'm not sure about the MyWorkspace use cases. Ideally (from my perspective), you would have a calendar tool that worked to show/hide multiple calendars in my workspace just the same as Google Calendar.

    We came across an interesting issue with multiple calendars when discussion Calendar functionality with Google Apps for Education folk. If you are assembling a calendar from many calendars, you may want to be able to choose at Calendar level or event level whether something is included in free/busy information. i.e if the information that you are in a lecture at 4pm on Friday comes from the course calendar and not your personal (main) calendar, this would not be included in free/busy information for you and you would show as free at that time to a supervisor trying to arrange a meeting. This might be an area in which Sakai can add value with some form of aggregation.

    In terms of the calendar in a site, it would be good if the 'owner' could somehow be associated with a role rather than a person. Perhaps a ghost ID can be established for a role/site e.g. maintainer/college golf club or professor/History 101

    This would allow more than one to edit and for personnel to change without too much trouble.