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  • Kick-off Meeting 4.10.08
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Kick-off Meeting

Attendees: Zach Thomas, Clay Fenlason, Patty Wolfe, Dave Lipari, Michael Korcuska


1. Involving the Sakai Community - What are the goals?

What are the goals for community involvement?

  • Having code merged into Sakai trunk before the next release.
  • Position this work in a way that it could be taken further from someone else in the community
  • Understanding the use cases and design for the future
  • Allow for flexibility for incorporating and making updates
  • Community Adoption
    • Zach to follow-up with Erik Froese and determine his level of interest and participation
    • Clay to follow-up with other interested parties/

2. Sakai Version

  • Utilize 2.5.x as the foundation
  • Complete milestone builds against 2.5.x
  • CalDAV work completed on branch. Branch will be a copy of 2.5.x
  • Actively monitor trunk for calendar changes
    • Zach to ask for a branch created
    • Clay to follow-up with Beth and determine if any work is being planned for the Calendar Tool

3. Environments

  • Test environment will be hosted at Unicon
  • Utilize Zimbra version 5.0
  • Some performance testing has been built into the budget. We will need to analyze the best use of those hours.
  • What other institutions are interested in JMeter testing?
    • Make sure test data is representative of typical GT scenarios.

Next meeting on Monday, April 14th at 3:00 PM (Eastern).

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