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Blog Wow is a blog that is integrated with Sakai. It allows viewing of blog entries and RSS feeds using external human readable URLs. Entries can be private, shared with a site/group, or public.

Please note that BlogWow has not gone through a formal QA process.

Information or Help files


Sid Jayanna (Miami University, Ohio) - Project Maintainer
Sam Ottenhoff
Stuart Freeman (Georgia Tech)

Initial Development Team:

  • Aaron Zeckoski - CARET, Cambridge, UK - Project Lead
  • Steve Githens - CARET, Chicago, US - Tool developer
  • Harriet Truscott - CARET, Cambridge, UK - UI, templating


  File Modified
PNG File BlogWow3-Add Entry.png Adding an entry Jul 02, 2007 by Aaron Zeckoski
PNG File BlogWow2-View Blog.png Viewing a blog Jul 02, 2007 by Aaron Zeckoski
PNG File BlogWow1-main.png Starting page Jul 02, 2007 by Aaron Zeckoski
Microsoft Word 97 Document BlogWow.doc Blog Wow User Guide Jul 16, 2007 by Harriet Truscott
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  1. Could someone explain if there is any significance to the different colored blogger icons that appear on the main page? We can't seem to figure out a pattern or meaning.


    Kathryn Propst, Indiana University

  2. As a general rule, I don't think any Sakai project should be posting documentation in a proprietary desktop format like .doc. Could you please convert that to HTML and update?