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  • Using Maven 1.0.x to build Sakai tools
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  1. Open a command line shell
  2. Change directory to /opt/<sakai-src>/<tool-dir>
    • Example: cd /opt/sakai-trunk/gradebook/
  3. Execute maven sakai to clean, build, and deploy the tool
    • Note: This is the same as maven cln bld dpl
    • Note: Automated tests should be executed by maven by default

  • Quick guide to maven (related to Sakai)
    • Execute maven cln to clean up the built code
    • Execute maven bld to build the tool
    • Execute maven dpl to deploy the built tool (will fail if the tool is not built)
  • Add the maven plugin to allow for partial builds in Sakai
    Run the following command from the sakai source root:
    maven plugin:download -DartifactId=sakai -DgroupId=sakaiproject -Dversion=2.1
    • Note: This is no longer required as of Sakai 2.2 but it makes things a lot easier
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  1. as of 2.4.0 release the plugin download is still required (eg, to compile form the site-manage project's root)