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This page contains links to various sample code and tools created for the cafe. These code samples are meant to help developers get starting working in Sakai and give them simple tools to look at and learn from.


Demonstrates a simple one page tool with add/edit capabilities

Sakai Simple Servlet

Demonstrates how to build an extremely simple Sakai servlet tool

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  1. s

    I can't get these exercises to work with the 2.4 branch (seems like the best release to target new code). Do I need to use something older (2.2) or something newer (2.5)?

    1. Most if not all of these should work in 2.4.x. Very little has changed from 2.2 to 2.4. That said, none of them will work in the upcoming 2.5 or in trunk because of the maven 2 requirement.

      1. s

        Ah, sorry, I grabbed the wrong copy.


        instead of


        The first one there was listed on another page...