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This page contains links to all the information a developer should need to get started developing tools and apps for Sakai. This is meant to be a kind of Sakai development walkthrough. It contains a section on where to get more information and then links to get you on the path from regular a Java programmer to Sakai superstar (or something like that). If anything is missing or confusing please contact Aaron Zeckoski.
(Development Tips (PPT)) (Technical intro to Sakai (PPT))

Really Getting Started

  1. Developer links and resources
    Also listed at the bottom of this page
    • Check out the developer links and resources, bookmark most of them, use them to do the steps below
    1. Sign up for the sakai-dev email list
    2. Get an account on Sakai Confluence and JIRA
  2. Development Environment Setup Walkthrough
    • Getting a good development environment setup is critical to working with Sakai code
      • Complete step by step instructions and various tips that will make developing in Sakai easier
    • Sakai Programming Best Practices
      • Familiarize yourself with the Sakai programming best practices before getting started
  3. Sakai AppBuilder plugin
    • Generate and try some sample code
    1. Install the appbuilder plugin in your eclipse environment
    2. Generate a sample tool in your Sakai source directory
    3. Build and Deploy the tool using maven
    4. Startup Sakai
    5. Test the new tool by adding it to a project site
    6. Modify the tool
  4. Sakai application (tool) structure
    • Make sure you are familiar with the structure of a Sakai tool or application
  5. Sakai app and tool naming tips
    • Learn the various Sakai app and tool naming conventions
  6. Developer Guides
    • Learn about the possible presentation technologies and persistence technologies in Sakai
  7. Sakai Programmer Manual
    • Reference the various guides and tutorials in the Sakai programmer manual as needed

Where to get more information

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  1. Zach's video about Eclipse's plugin is also good:
    Regrettably the repository for the plugin did not work. I had to manually download the jar file and copy it in the plugin directory of Eclipse

  2. Hi there,

    Links to videos are broken