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Prerequisites List

Development Environment Setup Walkthrough

More information to help you get started

Developer videos

Official installation pages

  • The official sakai 2 installation pages are located here:
    Sakai Installation Guide
    • Look here if you are installing Sakai on a server for more than just development
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  1. For those of you not at VT, here's a public link to DB Visualizer:

  2. Also for those of you not at VT, here's a public link to Aqua Data Studio:

  3. The cafe is the best.
    I'm sorry I won't be able to attend.

    If you're thinking of attending do yourself a favor and honor these prereqs.

    The presentation goes down hill when most of the time is spent helping attendees try and wade through these steps.

    I think the most crucial one is to of done a Maven build on the machine you are bringing - and that the Maven repository it builds is on that machine! No fair leaving it on your network at the office. When attendees build their local Mave repo with a room full of people over a wireless network you can fairly hear the hotel routers melt down.

    (Bistromaths - are you going to bring a shuttle or some small box with the repo on it? you could put
    it on the local conference net and at least save some traffic. peeps cld then just use the local IP of that box for their Mavenage.)

  4. Need to update the prerequisites for the 2.5.x branch.