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  • Maven 1.x file
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  1. Create a new text file in your user home directory called
    • Note: This is probably c:\documents and settings\<username> in Windows
  2. Add the following lines:
    maven.repo.remote =,
    maven.tomcat.home = /opt/tomcat/
    • Note: The trailing slashes are required
    • Note: You must use forward slashes
    • Note: You must have spaces around the "="
    • Note: Do NOT change / to \ if using windows
    • Note: DO add c: to the path if using windows
  • (optional) Users who use a network proxy need to do add the following to their file =
    maven.proxy.port = 80
    maven.proxy.username = your_username
    maven.proxy.password = your_password
    maven.proxy.nonProxyHosts = localhost
    • If you do not use a username or password for your proxy just leave out those 2 lines
    • You only need the nonProxyHosts option if you have a local maven repo that does not require the proxy to be accessed
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