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This describes how to get javadocs for Sakai releases or make your own javadocs from the sakai source code (which you have to do if you want up to date APIs for trunk for example).

Where to find online Javadoc APIs

The online Sakai Javadoc API is available in svn and based on the release number:<release number>/apidocs/


The kernel javadocs (all the core services will be here so this is likely what you want) are available based on the released version:<version>/apidocs/


You can also start here and get to the javadocs for the current release (scroll down the page):

The javadocs for the nightly build of Sakai are constantly rebuilt at the following URL: (best source of up-to-date information)

Generating Javadocs from the Sakai source code

  1. Check out the sakai source code using SVN
  2. To generate javadocs from sakai source run the following command in the sakai source directory

    mvn javadoc:javadoc
    • You'll find the javadocs in <sakai source>/target/site/apidocs

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    1. Updated link. Thanks.

  1. The sakai:javadoc goal doesn't seem to exist in the current sakai maven plugin.

    1. Updated goal to javadoc which does still work