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  • Install Subclipse
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  1. Startup eclipse
  2. Select Help -> Software Updates
  3. Select Available Software, click Next
  4. Click Add Site
  5. Enter for the URL
  6. Click Finish
  7. Check the Subclipse box and click Next
    • Ignore the integrations unless you have a need for them, they can stop the install from working
  8. Accept terms, click Next, click Finish, click Install All
  9. Restart the workbench when asked
  • Add bin and target to global svn ignore in Eclipse (Optional)
    • This will keep you from committing bin and target directory files when you add projects to svn
    1. Click on Window -> Preferences
    2. Select Team -> Ignored Resources
    3. Click on Add Pattern and enter "bin"
    4. Click on Add Pattern and enter "target"
    5. Click on Add Pattern and enter "m2-target"
    6. Click on Apply and then OK
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