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  • Install Eclipse WTP
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  • Web Tools Project -
  • NOTE: Installing the all-in-one-package or manually installing are far more reliable and definitely recommended over using the updater method (the last one)
  • NOTE: Only install released versions, the development versions tend to be unstable and buggy
  1. WebTools Platform: All-in-one (fastest, recommended)
    • This should only be used if you do not already have Eclipse installed
    1. Go to eclipse downloads
    2. Click Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers and choose a download mirror
    3. Extract the package to whereever you want to install eclipse (normally your drive root /eclipse)
    4. Adjust the config as indicated in Install Eclipse 3.2+
    5. Startup Eclipse
  2. Manual installation (faster)
    1. Download WTP 1.5.x (Eclipse 3.2) or 2.0.x (Eclipse 3.3) to your desktop
    2. Shutdown Eclipse
    3. Extract the package to your Eclipse installation directory
    4. Startup Eclipse
  3. Install using the Eclipse updater (somewhat easier but not recommended)
    1. Start eclipse
    2. Select Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install
    3. Select Search for new features to install, click Next
    4. Choose the Update Site (or The Eclipse Project Updates) and click Finish
    5. Select WTP 0.7 (or newer)
    6. Click Select Required
    7. Click Next and follow installation instructions
    8. Accept terms, click Finish
    9. Click Install All
    10. Restart the workbench when asked
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  1. Unknown User (alanhoyle)

    Don't just download the "most current" WTB build. Download the most current "Released" build (2.0.1 as of 29 Nov 2007). The "Released" builds are the only ones that have the all-in-one distribution with all the prerequisites included. Doing this will save you a whole lot of time and effort.