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This page contains information on developing tools and apps to work with the Sakai framework and its services. The core of Sakai is based on Spring so this page includes Spring related information as well.

Presentation Slides

Slides from Zach's framework talk are now available in the attachments area of this page.

Sakai Framework

Work in Progress

Sakai Framework Tips

Spring Framework

Work in Progress

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  1. As I understanding grows I find that there are some areas that would have helped be better understand how the framework works.

    It would be useful to know what is done in the background by SAKAI, for example, that the hbm config file is not needed in the project but handled by the framework.

    That both maven 1 and maven 2 have files in the project.

    That both .maven and .m2 are populated during the build.

    The new division of labor among the various .pom files in m2.

    The new m2_Target folder.

    Probably the most complex to unravel for me was the context and pom files. It is not clear what are reserved properties and what are is new code to be adjusted by the programmer.

    A discussion somewhere about injection would be useful.

    There are other areas I am trying to clear up so if this type of list is useful I will be happy to comment again after things clear up more. I would also be happy to help develop some of the tutorial materials if and when I know enough to not do harm.

    I truly appreciate the effort put into this very useful cafe.


    1. There is a lot here but let me try to address these:
      1) There are TONS of things done in the background by Sakai, but handling hbm files is not one of them, I assume what you mean here is that you have the option of attaching your hbm files to the sakai hibernate factory which is covered in detail in the Persistence area of this space
      2) maven 1 and 2 files only really exist in Sakai 2.4.x and in projects that have to run in older and newer versions of Sakai
      3) Only .maven OR .m2 should be populated during a build (depending on which command you run, maven or mvn) but a single command should not normally populate both
      4) I think that Ian Boston ( has documented the maven 2 stuff, if not you might want to send him a note
      5) m2_target is something that Ian Boston ( came up with, you might want to send him a note about it
      6) Not sure what you mean by pom and context here, you can do antyhing you want with the files in your project
      7) I think Zach Thomas has some pages about injection but generally chapter 3 of the spring manual is good
      Anything you want to contribute is great

      1. Thanks much. My pom question concerns an error I can't get around using the app builder plugin for Eclipse. The deployed war file won't load successfully in tomcat because of a FileNotFound error. I was wondering if the error was in one of the poms in the builder. I haven't added any new code to the builder app which builds and deploys without error. I'm sure it is pilot error but thought I would check to see if there was a know issue. (Thanks again) The error trace begins with: class path resource conf/components-applicationContext.xml cannot be opened because it does not exist
        at org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.XmlBeanDefinitionReader.loadBeanDefinitions(
        at org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.XmlBeanDefinitionReader.loadBeanDefinitions(