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Valencia (schedule) 1st of March all day workshop topics

This workshop focuses on helping developers and system admins understand how to setup, configure, run, and maintain Sakai. The workshop also includes overviews of the code structure and some of the coding practices in Sakai but the focus is much more on Sakai as a product and the concerns related to production environments rather than building the product.





Developer Environment

Subversion, Maven, Tomcat and Eclipse setup



Webserver anatomy

/shared, /components, /sakai, /webapps

deploy contrib tool deployment (Site Stats)


Typical troubleshooting scenarios

(startup errors, Spring issues)




branding/identity, database, File system (binary content) and mail configuration; xsl-portal; multiple gateways



sites, realms, tools, users

realms exercise



skinning, default language

new skin


Providers (integration)




Tool/Services anatomy

project layout: api, impl, pack, tool, help; pom.xml, Kernel (K1), (Maven), service injection: components.xml, also Sakai ComponentManager; persistence: *.hbm.xml, Webapp: /WEB-INF/web.xml, webapp/tools/



Quartz Scheduler/Cron jobs

What they are

Extending and injecting into Quartz service



Moving from another LMS, strategies, resources available



SOAP Webservices

What they are, Setup and Securing

Using them (Perl might be easiest), Extending


Entity Broker


Simple entification of a tool?



You are expected to have Sakai 2.6 installed and setup on your laptop before you attend if you plan to participate in the exercises. Note that this is not required as you are welcome to simply come and listen. However, we cannot spend time getting everyone's system up and running during the workshop so please do not delay the rest of the participants by not setting up your system beforehand.


Quartz starter: svn co
Web service scripts: svn co
SOAP Client: (Mac only)
Soap UI (Java-based, works for PC, Linux or Mac)
Migration Space: Migration

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