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The cafe bootcamps are intensive day long workshops consisting of presentations and exercises designed to help developers get up to speed developing tools/apps for the Sakai framework. The bootcamps are also intended as a way to present new development technologies and best practices and techniques to developers who are experienced in Java and Sakai development. There is a joint session at the end of the bootcamp for UI designers and developers.


  • Prerequisites - required setup for participant computers to make the sessions as productive as possible. If you're having trouble, contact the sakai dev list for help.
  • No sign up necessary! Just show up (please be on time).

Amsterdam Programmer's Cafe Agenda, Monday June 11th, 2007:

Session 1: (9:00) Welcome and Intro to Sakai development

Session 2: (10:00) Persistence

  • Data Access layer
    • Review of GenericDAO capabilities
    • Write DAO Java interface in api module, and demonstrate starting implementation by extending GenericDAO base class
    • Create DAO stub implementation
    • Construct DAO test data
    • Write DAO tests
    • Write DAO implementation
    • Add/update spring bean config files (components.xml, etc.)
    • Run dao tests
  • Presenter: Aaron Zeckoski

Break (10:40)

Session 3: (10:55) Logic

  • Logic layer
    • Write logic API methods in api module to be called from tool
    • Demonstrate calling a DAO method from a logic API method
    • Create logic layer stub implementation
    • Create logic layer tests
    • Write logic layer implementation
    • Run logic tests
  • Presenter: Aaron Zeckoski

Session 4: (11:30) Working on the view layer (RSF)

  • Implementing the starting view (HomeProducer)
    • Eyeing over the template for rsf:ids - leaf and branch tags
    • Simple components and producers (UIInput, UIOutput)
    • I18N in RSF (formatted dates, UIMessage)
  • Presenter: Antranig Basman
Lunch: (12:40) Please plan to be back to the session on time
Special Session: Developer involvement in Sakai

Session 4: (2:00)

  • Multiple views and templates, the ViewParameters system
    • Setting up file templates and injection for the navigation bar (NavBarRenderer)
  • The EntityBroker and ViewParameters
    • Rendering a public RSS feed
  • Presenter: Antranig Basman

Session 5: (3:00) RSF and storage

  • The main Blog view
    • Setting up an RSF form, UICommand controls and parameters
    • Setting up OTP locators for the backing model
    • OneTruePath.png
  • Presenter: Steven Githens

Combo Session: (4:30) Combined U-Camp and Programmer's Cafe Session

  • UI and developer related conversation
  • Presenter: Colin Clark and company
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  1. The code from the cafe is in svn at you should also review what Antranig said about it on the sakai-devel list,