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Contrib: BigBlueButton



Sakai BigBlueButton integrates a Sakai instance with a BigBlueButton server, allowing Sakai users to easily create, manage and join BigBlueButton meetings from a Sakai worksite.



  • Control meetings - create/edit/update/delete BBB meetings from Sakai.
  • Meeting access - define meeting access by selecting all users, groups, roles or individual users in site.
  • Tool access - define who can do what on the Sakai tool.
  • Scheduling - optionally, define meeting start dates and/or end dates and add it to site Calendar.
  • Notification - optionally, send an email notification to meeting participants.
  • Simplicity - the user interface is designed to be simple.
  • Fast - the Ajax driven interface (Javascript + JSON + Trimpath templates) provides good end-user experience and low server load.
  • RESTful - full RESTful support via EntityBroker.
  • Statistics - the tool logs information automatically processed by the Site Stats tool.


Release information

1. Requirements
  • Sakai:
    • 2.7.0 or higher ( — or — )
    • 2.6.0 + EntityBroker 1.3.9 or higher ( — or — )
    • 2.5.0 + EntityBroker 1.3.9 or higher + SAK-10801 - Add contextId (siteId) field to Event ( Closed) applied
  • BigBlueButton 0.80 or higher [Installation intructions]
2. Download
3. Installation
4. Support



1. Required settings

Configuration key



Default value


A comma separated list of BigBlueButton servers (example:

1.0+ (single value) 1.0.5+ (comma separated values)



A comma separated list of BigBlueButton salt keys (see BBB FAQ)

1.0+ (single value) 1.0.5+ (comma separated values)


2. Optional settings

Configuration key



Default value


Whether the browser window of BBB should be automatically closed after logging out of meeting. If false, the configured bigbluebutton.web.loggedOutUrl from BigBlueButton will be used instead.




Time - in milliseconds - to periodically check the API version of the configured BigBlueButton server. This is useful for performing BBB upgrades without having to restart Sakai.


0 (disabled)


Optional text to be displayed on the tool main page.




Message level in which the text will be displayed (BBB-37). Valid values: info, warn, success




List (comma separated) of default permissions for role ROLE. Will only be applied if no bbb.* permission is defined on site (BBB-45).




If set (and not 'none'), meeting owner will be added to new meetings by default, with specified BBB role (BBB-45). Valid values: none, moderator, attendee.




If set (and not 'none'), all site participants will be added to new meetings by default, with specified BBB role (BBB-45). Valid values: none, moderator, attendee.




Auto-refresh interval for updating meeting status is expressed in milliseconds. When the value is set to 0 the auto-refresh is turned off.




Auto-refresh interval for updating recording list and and info. It is expressed in milliseconds. When the value is set to 0 the auto-refresh is turned off.



bbb.recordingSet up to [true/false] for enable or disable the recording capability in the Meeting Sakai interface.1.0.7+true
bbb.descriptionmaxlengthEstablishes the maximum length for the meeting description. Since the description is also used as a welcome message in the BigBlueButton client, this is an important parameter due this limit should be less than the one set up for query strings on a GET request in the BigBlueButton server or any web server working as intermediary between Sakai and BigBlueButton.1.0.7+2048




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  1. For 2.6.x I had to (thanks to Nuno for his help) :
    + Upgrade the entity broker to 1.3.9 (actually pulled new source down, instead of changing the version number as mentioned)
    svn co
    + Upgrade maven - requires 2.2.1+ (if not, you'll get : Failed to validate POM for project...) error
    + Turn off the YUI compressor in bbb/tool/pom.xml set <yuicompressor.phase>none</yuicompressor.phase> (if not you'll get syntax errors during the clean install) (or add the -Pdev flag when you run clean install sakai:deploy
    + removed all entitybroker.* files from /tomcat/shared/lib and re-deployed the entitybroker

    after doing those three things, mvn clean install sakai:deploy worked great.

  2. We upgraded our installation of BBB to 0.71

    They suggest using Freeswitch with the new installation, but we had a problem with this. The Demo of big blue button works but as soon as you run this tool through sakai the sound in the conference did not work.

    Thanks to Nate and Fred pointing to a link in the FAQ of BBB

    I found that I had to change some code in freeswitch to make it work.

    I edited the /opt/freeswitch/conf/dialplan/public.xml on the BBB server and changed the following line

     <condition field="destination_number" expression="^(7\d{4})$">


    <condition field="destination_number" expression="^(\d{5})$">

    This will allow Freeswitch to accept all 5 digit numbers.
    I do not know if you guys what to update the bbb sakai contrib code just to generate a a 5 digit code that starts with a 7 to make freeswitch work out of the box:

    Change the code of line 136 form

    Integer voiceBridge = 10000 + new Random().nextInt(89999);


    Integer voiceBridge = 70000 + new Random().nextInt(9999);
  3. BBB is now on 0.8 beta3 version and i hope there will be a final version very soon. The 1.0.6 tool works with bbb 0.8, but with a few bugs.

    Moodle already have a 0.8 compatible module, with recording and playback features support. Do you have plans to support the BigBlueButon 0.8 API ?

    It would be awesome, because the bbb-sakai-tool is the best tool for using BBB.



  4. Hi Pablo,

    I am one of the developers of BigBlueButton.  As you saw, we recently updated our Moodle integration for Moodle 2.0/2.1 to support the record and playback capabilities in BigBlueButton 0.8.

    We're now working with Adrian Fish to update the Sakai Meeting Tool to support the record and playback capabilities in BigBlueButton 0.8.  For the announcement of our efforts, see:

    I'll post an update here when we have an updated Sakai Meeting Tool for the community to test.

    Regards,... Fred

    BigBlueButton Developer