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Description of the tool

New Teacher Center and Samoo have developed a Batch User Creation Tool. It's simple but very useful. It allows to create users from a csv formatted text.

The Tool is accessible in the Admin Workspace for batch user creation based on csv files.

In that tool you have only one option, to paste the content of a csv file with six rows (Pasting text is better for quick editing):

  • username
  • first name
  • last name
  • email
  • password
  • user type


1234567,Diego,del Blanco,,qwe1234,teacher



There are three checkboxes to select:

  1. Iif is needed to send a mail to the teacher/student with the access data.
  2. If old data will be updated with new data in case of conflict or not.

There is a log report after the upload informing about all the actions performed and errors found in the process. This log we can export it to pdf file.


The email that the user receives will be:

Subject= Sakai platform access

Dear <name surname>,

Welcome to <SakaiName> platform !

These are your access data:

Website: <PortalURL>

Login: <login>

Password: <password>

Implantation Process

You can download it at:

Edit the pom.xml file to change version dependencies if needed and compile as usual in other tools in sakai.

You will need to change the properties file to personalize your email message.

It's not needed to do changes into Data Base. This tool calls the User API services and creates the new users or updates the existing ones or returns controlled a error message when there is an error.


  • Log in as admin
  • Go to sites
    • Search and click on the site where you want to add this tool to, probably ~admin
  • Click on the “Pages” button.
  • Click on “New Page”
    • Fill in the fields to your own likings
    • Click on the “Tools” button
      • Select the Sakai batch user creation tool (sakai.batch-user-creation)
      • Eventually, change the title.
      • Click on “Save” to save all the changes made.

Author Information:

Samoo, and 

Author Information:


New Teacher Center


Miriam Esteve Velázquez

Sante Filice

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1 Comment

  1. To compile and run in 2.9.1 you must to:

    1. Add in the /tool/pom.xml the word message in the sakai-message-api as you can see in bold here:

    2. By there is a bizarre problem with JSF version and tool appears in white, until someone don't find a better solution you can avoid that problem doing this:

      Add in the master pom of sakai this new property:
      and inside the pom.xml of the tool, in each jsf dependency change to this: