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  • Jan. 24, 2008 Agenda and Notes
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Call Info

9 a.m. EST
Sakai002 (Ad-hoc Meetings)

  • Telephone: 812-856-7060
  • Conference Code: 350
  • PIN: 72524



  • Iteration 1 QA
  • Iteration 2 development
  • Communicating the project to the community

QA Server:
QA Server Logs:


Megan's notes

Iteration 1

  • Includes Assignment Creation
    • "Accept Until" not a required field.
  • Includes Grading
    • Items will be gradable based off of scale selected in GB
  • Feedback Notes:  These are stored  on the ASG side and are different than comments.  They release on  student/Assignment/version levels.  If instructor gives feedback and there is resubmission, the instructor will need to re-release feedback. 
  • Versioning of submissions.  Drafts will only have 1 version. 
  • Resubmission
    • The ability to resubmit unlimited times until Due/accept until dates
    • Check w/ FRC re: ability to specify that student can submit x (ie 1, 2, 3) times. (Megan
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Authorization on edit pages, submission pages are needed. With direct URL student could gain access but take no action (Make Ryan a task)
  • Authorization checks for helpers (Make Ryan a task)

Testing notes

  • Review logs when ever the 'show my source parts' error occurs
  • Ryan/Michelle will file some of the large bugs in JIRA they are aware of

Iteration 2

  • Site to site import (critical for pilot)
  • Notifications (GT working on)
  • Download all (GT working on)
  • Upload all (GT working on)
  • Bug fixes from IT1

Iteration 3

  • Addition of in/# awaiting attention
  • Design changes from KJH

Iteration 1 Specification

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