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  • Feb. 21, 2008 Agenda and Notes
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Call Info

9 a.m. EST
Sakai002 (Ad-hoc Meetings)

  • Telephone: 812-856-7060
  • Conference Code: 350
  • PIN: 72524


Stephen Rehberg
David Goodrum


  • Development status updates
  • How design is/can be pursued
  • ?

QA Server:
QA Server Logs:


Development Update:

  • Download All basically in place, but without any testing or refinement of functionality
  • All the UI pieces now in place
  • Notifications work has begun
    • NOTE: for Upload All, the Gradebook import can be used, though it will need to be exposed through the API, and Michelle can work with Stuart on that.

Design Processes:

  • Technical solutions
    • At Georgia Tech the designers work on the HTML and CSS, while at IU they don't, so work patterns differ somewhat
    • An RSF template could be created with a different producer and different IDs, to allow this freedom
  • Consistent and Coherent Design
    • We'll start meeting separately with Kristol, Ashish, and perhaps some functional owners
    • Need to establish some sort of style guide to keep things consistent
    • Will start sharing information on the various screens, and can talk about how to divide up the labor
    • NOTE: Target date for design delivery for iteration 3 is March 29

Iteration 1 Specification

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