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  • Design Meeting, Feb. 25
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Call Info

11:30 a.m. EST
Sakai002 (Ad-hoc Meetings)

  • Telephone: 812-856-7060
  • Conference Code: 350
  • PIN: 72524




  • Processes and first steps for design collaboration


  • Target date for design delivery for iteration 3 is March 29
  • Some early design priorities from Georgia Tech:
    • A multi-step assignment creation wizard
    • Clarity of submission workflow (a keyword is not enough)
    • Deeper integration with gradebook (in-line edits rather than gradebook helpers in some cases)
    • Configurable Review workflow:
      • team-based assignments
      • peer review
      • multiple reviewers
    • Content Management of Assignments and Submissions (and exposing them in the API for other tools to access)
    • Dashboard view: what's due across all sites and when
  • IU's priorities have more to do with reducing current pain points than introducing new functionality
  • The pain points that IU and Georgia Tech are feeling are mostly the same:
    • Grading and submission process is unclear and requires too much "clicking"
    • Gradebook and assignments integration
    • Adding and editing assignments
  • We'll adopt a workflow where Ashish does the HTML and CSS, once we've come to agreement on the design, and then hand off pure HTML templates to a developer for the RSF glue.
  • Ashish has already some designs for the assignment creation process, and we can start talking about those:

Action Item: Ashish will upload his designs to Confluence for discussion

  • Clay thinks we need to have a shared view of the structure of the assignments tool and its taskflows before we start hammering out particular screens

Action Item: Clay will lay out a rough picture of what's there now (in Iteration 2), and Kristol and Ashish will help flesh it out, then we'll start to critique it.


Iteration 1 Specification

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