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An assignment is a composite content object which explains what a given assignment is and provides guidelines for its completion. It will be posted for assignment submitters to review before setting about the requisite tasks.

The description should contain at a minimum a title and a brief overview of what the assignment task is about, but it may also include:

  • File attachments
  • "Open," "Due," and "Accept Until" dates
  • An evaluation rubric of some sort, whether it's as simple as "worth 10 points" or some more complex custom rubric.
  • A list of references or recommended reading list
  • General guidelines (e.g. how to cite references, what the paper format should be, etc.)
  • A list of learning outcomes toward which the assignment is oriented
  • Instructor notes, stored and visible only to other instructors

The assignment description provides indispensable context for assignment submissions themselves, and so any view of an assignment submission should also contain a link to the posed assignment.

An assignment may require multiple submissions (e.g. first draft, second draft, final paper), each of which will separately go through the submission workflow and be treated with an assessment by some (potentially independent) rubric.