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Note: 2.4 Assignment enhancements below have been backed out of the 2.4 Release. We will be preparing a patch with 2-6 below to be available soon after the release and work on 1 for 2.5
5/21/07 - We will be creating a tag for Assignments that can be installed on top of 2.4, within a couple weeks. It will contain:
1) Allow grading for students that have not posted any submissions.
2) Non-electronic submission type.
3) Notifications for new submissions.
4) Upload all.
5) Reordering of assignments (like Resources).
6) Taggable Goal Mgmt.

The tag is ready - see post2.4features

Several groups are working on Assignment related enhancements for 2.4.

General Assignment enhancements

  1. Changes to the way in which assignments are entered into the Gradebook to make it easier to edit Gradebook entries that came from the assignment tool API change
  2. Provide a setting on the Assignment to allow all students to resubmit (as opposed to having to visit each submission to allow resubmission) Assignment level resubmit 
  3. Allow instructors to enter a grade for students who haven't posted a submission Grade non-submitted
  4. Provide an additional assginment type which doesn't require an electronic submission Non-electronic submission option
  5. Send an email to the student to confirm their submission Submission confirmation
  6. Add the ability to upload a zip file containing submissions Upload all

----Other requests

  1. Provide for entering a 'model' answer SAK-7653
  2. Ability for graders to download all, grade only those submissions from their group even though the assignment may be for the entire site SAK-7643

Goal Management Integration

The Goal Management Tool (GMT) is being integrated in a way to avoid dependencies when building Assignments (since GMT is a contrib tool and may not be present).

TurnItIn integration

UCT is adding an optional interface to TurnItIn. Info at

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