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How to scale Agora

Step 1: Setup your service nodes

On each of the tomcats where you will be putting a service, copy the
agora property file directory but then delete both the agora_console and
agora_balancer property files. In modify the
serviceHostName value to the new Tomcat host. Copy the agora-service.war
file into the webapps directory and you should see the service come up
in catalina.out.

Step 2: Setup your balancer node

Now setup the balancer. Repeat the process above but obviously leave
only the agora balancer property file in the agora directory. You need
to set the agoraServiceURLs property with the comma separated service
urls for the 3 service machines setup previously. When you have done
this copy the agora-balancer.war file into the webapps dir and watch
catalina.out. The balancer should find the 3 services successfully and
query them for their current meetings.

Step 3: Setup your Sakai node

Finally, you need to modify the agoraBalancerURL property to point to
the new balancer web service endpoint on the machine from the last
step. If you stop and start the sakai-conferencing-tool webapp using the
manager it will pick up the new setting.

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