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SAK-4509/REQ-87 What's New? Tool (Recent Activity)


This tool is being developed at Virginia Tech and should be released sometime after the Vancouver conference as a prototype/proof of concept. The tool compiles information about recent activity within a course and reports it in a central location. The tool can also retrieve data for all sites that a user has access to. Ideally, the data that is fetched would be returned via the entity system (which would require changes to work) or some special method in the tool service for each tool. Until something like that can be arranged, the data will be fetched via the Tool Service. The current method introduces a few problems, the main one being that the tool has dependencies on virtually every Sakai tool and therefore requires them to be present in order to work correctly. It also makes the tool less efficient since it has to fetch every item every time instead of just getting the items from the services based on a date.

Req in JIRA:

JIRA issue tracking:

REQ:Vancouver Conference Technical Demo Handout


  • Displays recent activity based on: one day, one week (default), one month, all activity
  • Display recent activity in a single site, works well as one column in 2 column mode
  • Display recent activity in all sites the user has access to (can be placed in My Workspace)
  • Links for sites/tools take the user directly to site/tool (escaping the iframe)
  • Currently works with the following tools:
    • Announcements
    • Assignments
    • Resources
    • Dropbox

Contrib code location:


(all sites)

(one site)


Aaron Zeckoski - project lead

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