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What about versions of JAWS before version 10?


Need information on aria-required, aria-labeled, aria-labelledby, aria-describedby, aria-role, etc.

ARIA Live Region Support

JAWS 10 can announce updates to live regions of Web pages when using Firefox 3 and later, and Internet Explorer 8 and later.

Sections of web pages that are dynamically updated, such as progress or other status updates are known as live regions. By default, JAWS announces updates for Web pages containing ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) Live Region markup. Live regions are defined through the use of specific ARIA attributes.

To turn the Announce Live Region Updates feature on and off, press "Insert+V" while running your Web browser, navigate to the "Announce Live Region Updates" option, and then press "Spacebar".

ARIA Landmark Support

Landmarks are ARIA attributes that define the structure of a Web page and provide handy navigation points. JAWS 10 can announce ARIA landmarks when using Firefox 3 and later and Internet Explorer 8 and later.

In JAWS, the "Insert+Ctrl+Semicolon" keystroke brings us the "Select a Landmark" dialog box. The "Semicolon" and "Shift+Semicolon" keystrokes are used to "Move to Next Landmark" and "Move to Previous Landmark" respectively.


ARIA Drag-and-Drop Support

With Version 11, and in Firefox 3 or later or Internet Explorer 8 or later, JAWS supports the ARIA drag-and-drop properties known as aria-grabbed and aria-dropeffect. This allows assistive technologies to identify objects that can be selected, moved, and then released.

The "Windows Key+Ctrl+Equals" keystroke opens the JAWS "ARIA Drag and Drop" dialog box which shows a list of droppable objects on the current Web page. When one of the objects is selected JAWS will move focus to that object.

More description needed

ARIA Live Region Text Filter

JAWS 11 includes an "ARIA live region text filter" which is used to determine which live region updates JAWS speaks based on a given text string. Open the text filter dialog by pressing "Windows Key+Ctrl+Dash" and enter a string of text into the edit field that may be contained in a live region update to either be spoken or ignored. Then, select "announce only those updates" that contain the filter text or the "make JAWS ignore updates" radio button that contain the filter text.

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