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  • Sakai Accessibility Improvements by Version
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Here's information about the changes made to improve Sakai's accessibility from version to version. Please add your comments and let us know if you have or can offer resources or suggestions for the next version (2.6).

Sometime in the Future--Version 2.8+

  • Accessible replacement or alternative to current WYSIWYG text editor.
  • Miscellaneous accessibility enhancements to JSF widgets.
  • Improved accessibility of select drop-down menus.
  • Elimination of remaining iFrame (to enhance usability and navigation).
  • Enhancement of Test and Quizzes Tool to include MathML capabilities
  • Addition of user-specified content transformation capability--TransformAble provisional tool
  • Development and integration of some preliminary FLUID user interface components

Version 2.6 to Version 2.7

  • Made a strong and successful push to resolve identified accessibility issues
  • Cleaned up table mark-up, added context to ambiguous link texts, improved keyboard accessibility

Version 2.5 to Version 2.6

  • Preliminary development work and testing of iFrame-free portal.

Version 2.4 to Version 2.5

  • Addition of user-specified presentation tool (font size, reverse type, etc.)--PreferAble core tool.
  • Continued evaluation and identification of accessibility issues.

Version 2.3 to Version 2.4

  • Continued evaluation and identification of accessibility issues.
  • Integration of Accessibility Review with Sakai QA process.
  • Removal of remaining "onkeypress" code.

Version 2.2 to Version 2.3

  • Elimination of tool title iFrame.
  • Elimination of site navigation iFrame.
  • Increased use of CSS for portal and tool content presentation.
  • Resolution of WYSIWYG navigation and help tabbing issues.
  • Elimination of numerous instances of "onkeypress" code (this was originally added to comply with a WCAG 1.0 recommendation, however, it was found to conflict with Internet Explorer).
  • Revision of portal accesskeys to reflect UK eCommerce guidelines

Version 2.1 to Version 2.2

  • Addition of accesskeys to common functions (Save, Cancel, Options, Permissions, Edit, Delete).
  • Enhanced title tags to include tool names for Options, Permissions, Edit, etc. top bar tool functions.
  • Extension of heading tags to include: form labels, table subjects.
  • Addition of "onkeydown" to JSF event handlers (i.e., to provide "onclick" alternative for screen reader users).
  • Addition of caption tag to data tables.

Version 2.01 to Version 2.1

  • Addition of link to Accessibility page (Global; implemented by individual school).
  • Addition of Accessibility Information to help.
  • Screen reader and device independence changes:
    o Improved linearization of information
    o Improved semantic markup
    o Improved labeling
    o Enhancement of title tags
    o Enhancement of function titles
    o Tabular information arranged semantically
    o Enhancement of link phrases, added alt tags
    o Added screen-reader-only text and labels
    o Removed redundancies
    o Onkeypress added to event handlers (for users that cannot use a mouse)
    o Conversion of 4.01 html to 1.0 xhtml transitional (where necessary)

Version 1.5 to Version 2.01

  • Replacement of automatic refresh/refocus with manual refresh.
  • Addition of skip links and accesskeys to content, tools, and worksites.
  • Addition of accesskeys to tools (0 to 9) and help.
  • Refactored legacy tools to reflect style guide accessibility requirements:
    o Headings.
    o Titles (iFrames, Links).
    o Tables.
    o Forms.
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