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Sakai Accessibility Statement

The Sakai Accessibility Working Group (WG) and others are working on developing an accessibility statement.

Sakai Accessibility Goals

The Sakai Accessibility WG is working on formalizing Sakai's Accessibility Goals. The current results of this effort can be seen on the Sakai Accessibility Working Group Accessibility Goals Development page.

Sakai Accessibility Plan

The Accessibility WG would like the steps the Sakai Community is taking towards building accessibility into Sakai to be more visible. It is our intent to document these steps so the process can be easily discovered, understood, evaluated, and participated in.

This documentation could include:

  • An Accessibility Statement
  • Accessibility Goals
  • An Accessibility Plan
  • Documents needed for and supporting the plan
    • Sakai specific accessibility Guidelines / checklists (for developers / project leaders)
    • Best practice Sakai tool / widget examples
    • Sakai Accessibility Style Guide
    • Sakai focused accessibility resource listing
      • Accessibility awareness
      • Accessibility standards / laws
      • Other best practice / guideline documents
    • Accessibility Evaluation/Testing protocols
    • Process documentation
      • How to request an accessibility Evaluation
    • Etc.
  • A Process for Implementation of the Accessibility Plan
  • Progress evaluation
  • Results Assessment and Reporting

Sakai's Current Accessibility Status

The results from the latest Sakai Accessibility Review can be found on the Sakai's Current Accessibility page.

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