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  • Sakai 2.9 New Account Walkthrough Script Results
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Evaluation Details

Browser/OS Used:

Firefox 15, Windows Live Essentials 2011

Adaptive Technology Used:


Sakai Tool:

New Account

Page(s) Tested /
Walkthrough Script:

Welcome, New Account



QA Server:

QA Server Environment:
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Sakai 2.9.0-rc01 (Kernel 1.3.0-rc01) - Server localhost

Evaluation Participants:

Walt Stover/Scott Williams

Evaluation Complete: (Yes / No):


Accessibility Issues and Recommended Solutions

Task / Subject

Results / Issue




Find tool

No problems.




Read the tool content

No problems.




Create a new account

No problems.




Reset the tool (log out)

No problems.




Create a second account

No problems.



















Priority Definitions

  • Critical: Issue will keep some/all users from being able to use this tool.
  • Major: Issue will cause significant difficulty to some/all users and should be revised.
  • Minor: Tool can be used successfully, but functionality will be significantly improved by fixing issue.
  • Trivial: Indicates that this issue has a relatively minor impact.