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  • Sakai 2.9 Lessons Walkthrough Script Results
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Evaluation Details

Browser/OS Used:

Ff 16.02, Windows Live Essentials 2011

Adaptive Technology Used:


Sakai Tool:


Page(s) Tested /
Walkthrough Script:




QA Server:

QA Server Environment:
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Evaluation Participants:

Walt Stover

Evaluation Complete: (Yes / No):


Accessibility Issues and Recommended Solutions

Task / Subject

Results / Issue




Login and find tool

No problems




Determine the required items

No problems




Take the pre-reading assessment

Could not find the Activate button by tabbing or arrowing through, but could find it by using the frames key (F)




Read the required readings

No problems




Take the post-reading assessment

No problems




Visit the additional resources links

No problems




Explore the sequential steps subpages

No problems









Priority Definitions

  • Critical: Issue will keep some/all users from being able to use this tool.
  • Major: Issue will cause significant difficulty to some/all users and should be revised.
  • Minor: Tool can be used successfully, but functionality will be significantly improved by fixing issue.
  • Trivial: Indicates that this issue has a relatively minor impact.